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Strategy for email messages (diocese, parish, organization)
How can you best manage the many group emails you are called upon to send: newsletters, special notices, statements from clergy? This workshop will explore best practices and provide tips on how to make the most of this communication method.

PresenterSummerlee Walter, Communications Coordinator, Diocese of North Carolina

Crisis communications in action (diocese, plus others interested)
How to provide crisis communications when you are living in the middle of that crisis? Hear from a panel of communicators who did just that during last summer’s hurricanes on what worked, what didn’t, and what they learned from this experience.

Presenters: Tamara Plummer, Episcopal Relief & Development, panel leader; Carol Barnwell, Texas; Steve Sims, Nevada; Garland Polland, Southwest Florida; Karen Mackey, Louisiana

Episcopal Asset Map (diocese)
Meet the new Find-a-Church feature on The Episcopal Church website! The Episcopal Asset Map provides an online home for the ministries that dioceses, congregations and organizations provide. It is now also the place where “find-a-church” queries at points. Learn how the map can aid your diocese in telling its stories with the wider church and world.

Presenter: Tamara Plummer, Asset Map Coordinator, Episcopal Relief & Development

Google analytics and SEO (diocese, parish, organization)
Who is looking at your website? For how long? What pages? How can you get your site to show up higher in online searches? Answers to these questions can provide you with a more effective online presence.

Presenter: Kerry Allman, Internet Strategist, the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia

Communication as Formation: getting formation leaders to communicate and communications leaders to form (parishes)
How can the communications office and the faith formation/Christian education office work together? With Sunday attendance a challenge for many families, 21st-century models of formation require reaching beyond the Sunday school hour.  Faith-at-home practices, adult education, delivering the Bible to your parishioner's phone, all of these are formation and communication challenges. What strains does that put on the communications staff? Learn about some best practices, some language to use and how to increase faith formation within your communications channels.

Presenter: Sarah Stonesifer, eFormation, Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary

Photos for social media
Social media platforms are increasingly visual means of communications, so your photos there really need to shine. Learn tips for maximizing your online pics, as well as how you can manage them effectively across platforms.

Presenter: Kris Vieira, Cathedral Administrator and Assistant to the Dean, Cathedral of the Incarnation Garden City. N.Y.

iPhone videos (diocese, parish, organization) *offered twice
The best video camera often can be the one in your pocket or bag. Learn how to use your iPhone to take and edit videos to help share your message quickly, easily and professionally.

Presenter: Jeremy Tackett, Digital Evangelism team, the Episcopal Church

Social media as tools for evangelism (diocese, parish, organization) *offered twice
#EpiscopalEvangelism comes out of the belief that “We seek, name and celebrate Jesus’ loving presence in the stories of all people – then invite everyone to MORE.” Social media is the 21st century public square, and understanding the digital world is key to connecting people to the life of the Jesus Movement. Join us for an overview of the social media landscape, and gain valuable insights into effectively and efficiently managing a digital presence.

Presenter: Jeremy Tackett and Chris Sikkema, Digital Evangelism team, the Episcopal Church

Design for non-designers (diocese, parish, organization)
How can you create well-designed printed or digital products when you have no idea where to start? This workshop will offer design basics as well as tips for how to produce items that will help enhance your message.

Presenter:  Jonathan Elliott, Director of Communications, the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey

Creating a visual identity (diocese, parish, organization)
A clear visual presence is much more than a brand – it serves to tell the world who you are as an organization. Join The Episcopal Church’s lead graphic designer for a conversation about the creation of the Church’s visual identity guide and learn more about how to create an effective visual identity for your diocese, parish or organization.

Presenter: Melissa Walker, Senior Graphic Designer, The Episcopal Church Office of Communication

Finding and telling stories (diocese, parish, organization)
People of faith are doing amazing things every day, and it’s your job to help tell them. But first, you have to find them. Learn how to see beyond news releases and newsletters to the stories that help move people

Presenter: Jamie Coats, Director, Friends of SSJE - Society of Saint John the Evangelist

Editing writing by others or yourself (diocese, parish, organization)
Writing is crucial to telling stories, but often our copy, or that handed to us, needs polish. What are the ways you can make your own writing clearer and more effective? And how can you edit copy from others in a way that makes it better but doesn’t erase that author’s voice? Learn ideas on how to do both.

Presenter: Sarah Bartenstein, Director of Communications, St. Stephen’s, Richmond, Va.

The church in the public square (parish, diocese)
Are you struggling with how to engage your church community in political conversations in a world where a faithful, reasoned perspective is increasingly absent? Learn about the role and witness of the Episcopal Church in the public square, how to encourage healthy political conversation based first in our shared values as Christians, and why it is important to preserve a sacred space for debate and the respectful exchange of ideas.

Presenter:  Alan Yarborough, Communications Coordinator and Office Manager, The Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations 

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